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Unveil a new level of safety and security with the Jetpilot Plough Anchor in sleek Black. Crafted to be your steadfast companion during your water adventures, this complete anchoring system offers top-tier performance, durability, and functionality.

🌊 Why Choose This Plough Anchor?

⚖️ Well-balanced Weight: Featuring a 1KG nylon anchor with a lead self-locating tip, the entire anchoring system weighs in at 2.25KG. This optimal weight balance ensures quick and stable anchoring.

🏖️ Strong Hold: With its wide sand scoop design enhanced for extra anchoring, this Plough Anchor is engineered to grip the seabed firmly, minimizing drag and ensuring you stay put, no matter the conditions.

🔗 Quality Construction: The package includes 2 meters of 316 Marine Grade Stainless Steel Chain, adding another layer of quality and durability to the system.

🪢 Flexible Setup: Coming with 8 meters of Marine Grade Poly Rope with three loops at 1.5m intervals for shortening, the anchor provides a total anchoring length of 10 meters. Adjust the length as per your need without any hassle.

🔴 Visibility & Safety: The Hi-Vis Float ensures the anchor is easily visible, adding an extra layer of safety to your water expeditions.

Whether you’re out fishing, diving, or simply enjoying the waters, the Jetpilot Plough Anchor has got you covered. Its robust construction and thoughtful design make it a reliable choice for any marine environment. Choose the Jetpilot Plough Anchor, and set sail with peace of mind!

Product Features:

  • 1KG Nylon Anchor with Lead Self Locating Tip
  • 2.25KG Complete Anchor System Weight
  • Wide Sand Scoop with Extra Anchoring
  • Total Anchoring Length 8m
  • 2m of 316 Marine Grade Stainless Steel Chain
  • 8m of Marine Grade Poly Rope with 3 x Loops at 1.5m intervals for Shortening
  • Hi Vis Float

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