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Water & Work

Premium watersports gear, workwear, and clothing designed for those who live and breathe water-based lifestyles. Trust in the industry-leading safety and quality standards of Jetpilot gear to feel confident in your adventures on the water or at work.

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How to fit a lifejacket

Smoko Series

We Are Innovators

We are driven by the desire to be the best in class and create products that let you chase the good times in the sun and out on the water.

10 Recycled Bottles

Is Equal To 1 Ecoprene Life Jacket

70% Of Our Life Jackets

Made From Ecoprene. A Jetpilot Sustainability Initiative.

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Life Jackets


Made for maximum fun with friends and family while out on the water. Whether towing behind a PWC or boat, Jetpilot has plenty of towable options to choose from. And of course, all your necessary accessories and life jackets for the young and young at heart.

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Watersport Accessories

Watersports gear for family fun, recreational watersports through to high-performance race gear that’s been tried and tested by the world’s best.

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Wetsuits & UV Protection

Wetsuits, tour coats and neoprene shorts made from Limestone Neoprene. Fishing shirts, gaitors offering 50+ UV Protection. Stay safe and protected while you enjoy the outdoors.

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Built for life’s work, Jetpilot offers premium workwear clothing, worn by tradies across the country. Featuring stylish men’s cotton canvas pants, jackets and tees that can be customised to your business and our trademarked, Jet-Lite™ fabric in pants, utility shorts, boardies and headwear.

Jetpilot Workwear

Built For Life's Work

Practical, fashionable and technical. Available in leading workwear retailers nationwide.

The Smoko Series

Take a look behind the scenes with The Smoko Series, where we delve into what work means for different industries & crew across Australia.

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Jet-Lite™ Tech Fabric

Perfect for Asian climates all year round, chemical resistant, comfortable and tested at 200% stronger than cotton canvas.

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Jet-Lite™ Hybrid

Evolution of a revolutionary product. Featuring natural fibres & Jet-Lite™ technical fabric in one for superior comfort and functionality on & off the job-site.

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Find your next pair of Jet-Lite™ and cotton canvas pants and utility shorts, tees and jackets at workwear retailers across Australia.

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Our Sustainability Journey

Here at Jetpilot, we’re for the water seekers & work makers

Those who are fueled by Friday and outdoor adventures, either out in the sun or near the water. We religiously spend our time out in Mother Nature and regardless of whether at a cable park, on a boat, on a watercraft or on the jobsite, we’re on the journey to continually be the better versions of ourselves, challenge ourselves to innovate and be at the top of our game in every area of our business.

Jetpilot Team

Our goals are not just to sponsor the “World Champion”. We want to support athletes that embody what it is to be a part of the Jetpilot family, we want those riders who absolutely froth the sport and water-loving lifestyle!

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